Single Point of Referral Office

Referrals from GPs and private specialists should be sent via the Central Referral Service (CRS) for the following specialties (for receipting and triaging according to specialty and postcode allocation):

  • community rehabilitation
  • diabetes and endocrinology (including gestational diabetes)
  • geriatrics (including ACAT, memory and Parkinson's clinics)
  • gynaecology.

Should there be a need for assessment or intervention in the future, please refer to Community Rehabilitation through CRS:

  • Secure messaging: Send electronic CRS form via HealthLink to ‘crefserv’
  • Fax: 1300 365 056
  • Post: PO Box 3462, Central Referral Service, Midland WA 6056
  • Referral form templates

Inter-hospital referrals to BHS from e-Referral sites should come via the e-Referral system directly.

Urgent referrals

Urgent referrals should be clearly marked as such. Referrers must discuss the referral with the speciality who will decide if an urgent appointment is required. An urgent appointment must be made within 7 days. The referral is then faxed directly to the clinic, or BHS referral office – it must be marked urgent with the date of booked appointment.

Immediate referrals

For patients that require an appointment within 7 days contact the medical team via phoning BHS Switchboard on 9416 3666.

Mark the referral urgent and write name of the BHS clinician contacted to facilitate rapid triage and booking. BHS clinician must contact clinic staff to advise of patient appointment acceptance, date and time.

Contact us

Phone: 9416 3213
Fax: 9416 3688
Email: BHS.OutpatientReferrals

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Mills Street, Bentley

Operating hours

Monday - Friday
8am - 4pm