Better outcomes for mothers at Bentley

August 17, 2014

Bentley Health Service (BHS) has partnered with community organisations to provide an enjoyable, safe and healthy pregnancy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mothers.

As part of the commitment by SMHS to improving the delivery of healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, a midwife role was established for the Aboriginal Maternity Group Practice Program (AMGPP) in 2011.

BHS midwife Gillian Fuller has been in the role since 2011 and has seen a significant increase in the number of women receiving antenatal care.  “In our first year we had 12 women in the program and it has grown to more than 60 women in the last year,” Gillian said.

“By working in close partnership with the Aboriginal Health Worker and the Aboriginal elder, known as Grandmother, from the Bentley-Armadale Medical Local we have had great success,

“They assist in many ways by providing transport and support at appointments, links to community services and culturally appropriate pregnancy education.”

Gillian has worked with Aboriginal women and families for the past 29 years at a variety of metropolitan and regional health services, and it was this experience that led her to her current role.

“My role as the AMGPP midwife includes seeing women at the antenatal clinic at Bentley and making home visits when needed. I also attend education sessions with a number of community groups,” Gillian said.

“This program is just one of the ways Bentley works with the community to provide better care to our patients.”