Diversionary doors at Bentley Hospital

Photos of the diversion doors
The exit diversion doors, before and after.
March 9, 2018

You may have noticed a fancy new exit diversion door in Ward 10B at Bentley Hospital which aims to reduce anxiety, distress and wandering in people living with cognitive impairment.

Prior to the transformation, the fire exit door was a beacon for patients indicating an exit point and potential way out at the end of a long corridor.

Coordinator for Cognitive Impairment Ellie Newman said the exit diversion contributes to the environmental improvements emerging across RPBG that contribute to delivering a better way to care for our patients living with cognitive impairment.

“Patients were drawn to the amount of light flooding through the large frosted window panes and were observed frequently rattling the door handle,” Ellie said. “They were becoming frustrated and agitated that it was locked and that they could not exit or go outside from this point on the ward.”

“In the absence of any familiar pieces of furniture on 10B at the time of the environmental assessment, a bookcase was deemed the most appropriate design by staff, which considered selection of the contents in order to reduce distress or disorientation, for example the deliberate absence of a pictured clock.”

A special mention to Medical Artist Sally Longley who custom designed the door in collaboration with Ellie, the ward leaders and Occupational Therapist and Dementia Champion, Maryon Allbrook.