Men’s Shed and Bunnings lend a helping hand

Photograph of Bunnings team.
December 12, 2017

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated staff, the local Men’s Shed and Bunnings, there were two new outdoor spaces for staff and patients at Bentley Hospital to enjoy.

In Ward 10B, the garden now has a shade sail up in the area near the sun room. There is also a new screen attached to the wall to improve the view when you look out of the ward into the garden.

The Ward 4/5 outdoor area has also received some attention with more mulch placed down to cover the garden bed area next the fire exit gate. A great selection of native plants were also planted around the area and a screen placed on the brick wall next to the fire exit.

The inclusion of the outdoor furniture – kindly donated by Bunnings – has really added to the attractiveness of the space.

RPBG Coordinator for Cognitive Impairment, Senior Physiotherapist, Elaine (Ellie) Newman, said the work undertaken was part of the RPBG commitment to deliver a better way to care for people with cognitive impairment and followed an environmental audit which was conducted by herself and Dementia Training Australia on Ward 10B and Ward 4 at Bentley in September.

“Scientific evidence is growing in supporting the fact that spending time interacting with nature in a well-designed and cared for garden and outdoor space can reduce levels of pain, anxiety and stress, which in turn boosts wellbeing and overall recovery,” Ellie explained.

“A garden that can engage multiple senses and be accessible to all patients and staff: ones that can be seen, touched, smelled and heard (such as the addition of subtle wooden wind chimes) can promote relaxation and healing.”

Ellie added that pathways and points of interest that invite strolls around the garden and outdoor space with loved ones or staff, can assist in achieving rehabilitation goals, or just preserve a daily routine.

Further, creating a space that can provide the patient with opportunities for meaningful engagement, and a sense of purpose - such as assisting with the watering of the plants or planting new seedlings, can also assist their functional rehabilitation and enhance self-esteem.