World Hand Hygiene Day

On Tuesday 5 May 2015 Bentley staff recognised the World Health Organisation Hand Hygiene Day, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of safe hand hygiene practice in improving health care outcomes.

The theme this year was Save Lives: Clean Your Hands and Bentley staff took part in a range of activities to show their dedication to hand hygiene.

Infection Control Nurse Vicky Bargmann said it was great to see so many Bentley staff getting on board.

“Each ward held a display to raise awareness and highlight the importance of safe and correct hand hygiene,” Vicky said.

“We had a photo booth with props for staff to have their photo taken with the #safeHANDS sign and staff could also add their handprint to a display board, signing their name underneath to show their support and dedication to safe hand hygiene.”

With 78.3% compliance in the most recent hand hygiene audit, Bentley staff know how important the #safeHands message is.

“World Hand Hygiene Day Hand is a fun way to promote a serious message, ‘hand hygiene saves lives’,” Vicky said.