Our service is determined to ensure that every patient under the care of Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG) has access to optimal nutrition to improve recovery, health outcomes and quality of life.

The dietetic department’s values include providing a high quality and thorough service and striving for excellence, which is achieved by teamwork, respect and integrity.

University qualified dietitians provide services to most clinical areas in the hospital, speciality areas at Bentley Health Service include:

  • diabetes
  • mental health
  • stroke rehabilitation
  • older adult rehabilitation
  • adult rehabilitation
  • community rehabilitation.

We assess and manage each patient individually and provide intervention and education for patients who require special dietary modifications, nourishing diets and fluids, enteral or parenteral nutrition.

Food Service

The dietetics department works closely with catering to ensure that special dietary, religious and cultural requirements of the RPBG patients are met. Our dietitian’s regularly audit the meal delivery process and quality to ensure food safety and nutrition standards are met.

Teaching and Training

The RPBG dietetics department has a good relationship with both Curtin University and Edith Cowan University. The department is integral to clinical teaching and training of Masters dietetic students at both universities.

We are eager to consult on tertiary dietetic issues to medical staff, nursing and other allied health staff. We regularly provide medical nutrition therapy presentations to nursing staff and other staff as requested.

Referring to Dietetics


Please consider the patients catchment when referring to dietetics.

Referrals accepted via e-referral only, if you do not have access to e-referral please use Single Point Of Referral (SPOR). Outpatients may be seen at Royal Perth Hospital or at Bentley Health Service depending on the diagnosis and where they live.

Referrals need to include reason for referral, presenting complaint, past medical history and medication list.

Contact us

D Block, Bentley Health Service
Mills Street, Bentley

Phone: 9416 3770
Fax: 9416 3562 (not to be used for referrals)

For Outpatient Referrals

Phone: 9416 3213
Fax: 9416 3688

Operating hours

Monday to Friday
8.30am – 4.30pm