Graduate Transition Program for Nurses and Midwives

The Bentley Health Service (BHS) Graduate Transition Program is designed to support graduate nurses and midwives in the clinical area and provides opportunities to consolidate both theoretical and clinical skills. The program supports graduates in making the transition from student to Registered Nurse or Midwife in a supportive, friendly and stimulating working environment.

Our Graduate Transition Program

Bentley Health Service offers five programs:

12 Month Mental Health Program for Enrolled Nurses
This mental health specific program is designed for enrolled nurses interested in a career in mental health nursing.

12 Month Mental Health Program for Registered Nurses
This mental health specific program is designed for registered nurses interested in a career in mental health nursing and is run in partnership with Notre Dame University. Graduate nurses will be required to undertake two fully funded units of study which form part of the Graduate Certificate in Mental Health Nursing.

12 Month Comprehensive Program for Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses
This comprehensive program offers two six month rotations in mental health and general health nursing specialities.

12 Month Perioperative Program for Registered Nurses
This theatre-specific program is designed for registered nurses interested in a career in perioperative nursing.

12 Month Program for Registered Midwives
This program is designed for new graduate midwives and provides experience in many areas of midwifery including antenatal clinic, birth suite and the visiting midwifery service.

What our program can offer

The key commitments of the BHS Graduate Transition Programs are graduate support (initial and continuing), socialisation and facilitation of ongoing education and training needs.

Support and Socialisation

The program commences with a comprehensive one week orientation; focusing on core skills and practical workshops. Supernumerary days are provided in each rotation to allow graduates to adjust to their new ward environment along with a period of intense support provided by experienced ward based Staff Development Nurses/Midwives and support staff. Graduates are socialised through a range of activities, including allocation to a graduate learning group which helps graduates initial socialisation with their peers and fosters a sense of belonging and connection to the organisation.


Facilitated Learning Sessions (one hour) are provided monthly. These sessions cover a range of clinical and professional topics and are conducted in the afternoons (graduates are rostered to attend). In addition, the program includes structured professional development days. Graduates are also able to access free education days provided within the Royal Perth Bentley Group Training Calendar.

Recruitment information

The BHS Graduate Transition Program commences annually in February.

To be considered for a position on the BHS Graduate Transition Program, you must register on-line via GradConnect. Please refer to this website for further information. No positions will be allocated outside of this process and time period.

Contact details for the BHS Graduate Transition Program

Postal: Staff Development Educator, A-Block, 18-56 Mills Street, BENTLEY, WA, 6102
Phone: 9416 3963