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Children moving from overseas

Immunisation for children moving to Australia

If you move to Australia from overseas you should make sure your child's previous vaccinations are recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

When you arrive in Australia, take any information about your child's overseas immunisations to your doctor or immunisation provider. They will add these details to your child's record on AIR and let you know if your child needs any additional immunisations to become fully protected according to the Australian childhood immunisation schedule.

Children need to be fully immunised in Australia for families to be eligible for child care benefit (external site) and family tax benefit (external site).

Child care centres and schools will ask you to provide an AIR history statement when you enrol your child.

More information

Phone the AIR 1800 653 809 (free call from landline only) or visit the Department of Human Services (external site).


  • If you are moving to Australia remember to bring your child’s immunisation records with you.
  • Ask your doctor or immunisation provider to record previous immunisation to the Australian Immunisation Register.
  • Only children fully immunised according to the Australian childhood immunisation schedule are eligible for child care benefit and family tax benefit.
  • In Australia, children are immunised against 16 preventable diseases.


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