Achieving goals for patients

August 1, 2014

A new speech therapy program has been introduced at Bentley Health Service (BHS) to provide additional support for patients with aphasia, a condition that impairs language following a stroke or brain injury.  

Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy, or CIAT was introduced by the Speech Pathology team earlier this year and uses principles of neuroscience to treat groups of patients with aphasia.

Speech Pathologist Shannon Mann says that participants attend 20, one-hour group sessions and engage in therapeutic games, which encourage the use of verbal, rather than non-verbal communication.

“We are already seeing positive results from CIAT with BHS patients regaining some speaking abilities that were lost after suffering a stroke,” said Shannon.

The program empowers patients by helping them to establish personal recovery goals and identify achievable milestones during rehabilitation.

“The Speech Pathology team support patients to identify goals at the beginning of each therapy session and then work towards those during the session so they leave with a strong sense of achievement,” said Shannon.

The CIAT program has been adopted from a similar initiative that has been running at Osborne Park Hospital for the past five years.