The following information provides guidance on how to prepare for admission to Bentley Health Service (BHS), outlining where to go and what to bring with you. If you have any further queries, our helpful staff are happy to assist you when you arrive.

A Block

Admissions for surgery, maternity or sub-acute rehabilitation are coordinated in A Block.

When you arrive, the A Block receptionist will be available to assist you with your admission. Please advise the admissions receptionist if you have been hospitalised in the last seven days, or been admitted to a hospital outside of Western Australia within the past 12 months.

C Block (Ward 4)

Admissions for aged care and rehabilitation are coordinated in C Block, Ward 4.

The ward clerk, who is located at the central ward desk will assist you. They will direct you to your allocated room.

Please note that there is no afterhours admission to this ward.

F Block

Admission for Mental Health are coordinated in F block.

The F block receptionist will contact your allocated ward.

What to bring

When being admitted to hospital, please bring the following items where appropriate:

  • admission form
  • Medicare card and your private hospital insurance card, if you have one
  • the name and address of your General Practitioner
  • emergency contact details of your next of kin
  • any medications you may be taking
  • any x-rays or scans that may be related to your condition
  • pyjamas or nightgowns, dressing gown and slippers (non-slip sole), as it is important for footwear to be worn at all times
  • personal toiletries such as soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shaving kit and tissues
  • a small amount of money for items such as newspapers, magazines, telephone calls and television hire.

If you are being admitted after a workplace accident, please provide details of your employer and the date, time and place of your accident if you are covered by Workers’ Compensation or the Motor Vehicle Insurance Trust.

Please do not bring jewellery, valuables or excess cash to hospital.

Last Updated: 24/03/2022