Many hands make light work at Royal Perth Group

November 23, 2015

Royal Perth Group’s (RPG) Mental Health Act Local Implementation Group (LIG), including clinical, administrative and managerial representatives, has met fortnightly since August 2015 to guide the implementation of the new Mental Health Act (MHA) at Bentley Health Service and Royal Perth Hospital.

Acting LIG Chair and Adult Program Manager for Service 3 at RPG Karen Curtis said the new legislation will bring about much needed change moving forward with new models of contemporary care and treatment for those living with and recovering from mental health issues.

“The new MHA will ensure consumers receive appropriate care and treatment in a timely manner in the most appropriate setting. The focus will be on recovery and relapse prevention and will promote collaborative working, with open consultation between care providers, consumers and nominated persons,” Karen said.

So far, 14 trainers have provided over 30 face-to-face education sessions across the two sites in order to reach 352 clinicians, which is more than 80 percent of RPG mental health clinicians.

“The new Mental Health Act will help us ensure families and carers have increased involvement, which will benefit our patients” said Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr David Stevens, who has assisted with training Service 3 medical staff.

Behind the scenes, managers and staff from clinical governance and health information services have banded together to update a large number of local policies, forms and procedures. In particular, the local suite of resources for ECT (including practice standards, learning packages and patient information sheets) have been updated to reflect the changes brought about by the new Act. This significant piece of work was completed in preparation for a visit by Chief Psychiatrist Dr Nathan Gibson as part of the approval process for ECT services.

In the final weeks leading up to the transition between Acts, the LIG will focus on supporting remaining staff to complete their MHA eLearning. Tailored face-to-face education for emergency department and general hospital staff will also be arranged to ensure a smooth clinical transition for patients in all areas.