Meet Steve from Bentley Hospital

Steve, an orderly at Bentley Hospital.
August 1, 2019

Say hello to Steve, an orderly from the Bentley Day Surgery Unit (DSU).

Steve is responsible for setting up the Theatre for surgery, ensuring all equipment and medical instruments are present and ready, and then transporting patients to the DSU.

Steve enjoys his working relationships with the doctors, nurses and support staff at the DSU, and is always happy to help out theatre staff whenever he is asked.

“Bentley Hospital is a very friendly and happy place to work, and we all must work hard to continue to keep this positive culture.”

Caring for patients is an important part of Steve’s role, as he is often supporting patients during a very vulnerable time.

“Patients are often worried before surgery. I think kindness is important - a kind word or smile is the least I can do to put them at ease.”

Looking to the future, Steve will continue to strive for excellence and to learn all he can from his peers.

Thank you for your commitment to patient care.