Patient centred care project a finalist in the WA Health Excellence Awards

Photograph of outpatient reform
October 20, 2017

Bentley Health Service’s (BHS) outpatient reform and reconfiguration project was recently announced as a finalist in the WA Health Excellence Awards.

The project was initiated following a change in governance and review of inpatient and outpatient services. As such, BHS developed models of affordable care to ensure quality patient care was provided efficiently and where appropriate, in a multi-disciplinary environment.

A/Community Rehabilitation and Site Referral Manager Sue Kent said it was the commitment to the project from all clinical and clerical staff involved across the site which was the key to the success of the project.

“Firstly, this project wouldn’t have achieved what it did without our stakeholders and the support of the Executive.”

“It was the regular communication with, and feedback from key stakeholders involved in the delivery of RPH and BHS outpatient services which really drove the project,” said Sue.

“We had regular meetings with key stakeholders to review progress, targets and timelines set out in the project schedule.”

The main outcome of the project was the establishment of an efficient and effective referral management system to improve the delivery of patient centred care.

As a result of the project, BHS’ general health outpatient clinics provided approximately 54,492 appointments in 2016/17. On average, the clinics received more than 250 new referrals, and provided approximately 1,000 patient consultations per week.

The team is now up against other projects at the awards ceremony on Wednesday 8 November 2017. Good luck to the team!