Bentley Antenatal Shared Care

Bentley Hospital is pleased to offer GPs the opportunity to share antenatal care for low risk patients.

While shared care will mostly be of interest to those patients living within the Bentley catchment, the team are happy to accept low risk antenatal ladies who live out of catchment for GP shared care, including country antenatal ladies who may have family in the Bentley area and would like to deliver at Bentley Maternity Unit.

To learn more about Bentley Antenatal Shared Care, please read the Shared Care brochure (PDF 360KB) and the Antenatal Care Guidelines for Shared Care at Bentley Maternity Unit (PDF 358KB).

The EMHS Bentley Maternity Unit GP Newsletter (September 2018 Edition) is now available (PDF 700KB).

Outpatient referral process to Bentley Hospital

Non e-referral hospitals, GP, Private Specialist and Community Referrals to Antenatal, Allied Health and Nurse led clinics should be sent to the Bentley Hospital Outpatient Referral Office.

Outpatient Referral Office contact information

Bentley Health Service Outpatient Referral Office
D Block
Bentley Hospital
PO Box 158
Bentley WA 6982

Fax: 9416 3688
Phone: 9416 3213

Immediate referrals

For patients that require an appointment within 7 days, please follow these steps:

  • Contact the Bentley Hospital Clinician and discuss case.
  • Mark the referral URGENT and write name of the Bentley Hospital Clinician contacted to facilitate rapid triage and booking, include date and appointment time if provided.

The Bentley Hospital Clinician MUST contact Clinic Clerk to advise of the patient appointment acceptance, date and time.