NEXUS Feedback and Testimonials

It's always encouraging to hear how the NEXUS training is making a positive impact in the healthcare industry! Have a read below of our favourite anecdotes we have received on the cultural influences and organisational changes being made across healthcare, in both clinical and non-clinical environments.

"Roger that", "MVA rollover, x3 patients, unknown age, x1 ejected with CPR from by stander". This is a job card that we as paramedics see on a very infrequent basis. Preparing for unprecedented cases like these can be extremely difficult and stressful. The overwhelming influx of nerves and anxiousness is real, and happens to the best of us. I was fortunate to attend this case only days after completing the NEXUS course, with a 25 minute priority 1 drive to the scene, I was able to apply the principals of NEXUS training whilst performing a pre-arrival debrief. Generally, on cases like this it is common to spark non clinical conversation on-route to cool our nerves, however in this case we kept a sterile cockpit. We as a team remained focused on prioritising our plan and how to troubleshoot the variables we may encounter. This proved highly effective with a sense of confidence in controlling the chaos on scene and maintaining a clear vision where stress inoculation was significantly reduced. Throughout the treatment and management of this case I verbalised the STAR model out loud, this actively prompted me to reassess the situation and act with a conscious, clear thought process. The training NEXUS provides is a highly valuable resource when exercising best practice and maintaining the highest degree of patient safety."

Nathan – Paramedic and Registered Nurse, St John Ambulance WA

"As well as singing the virtues of NEXUS, in a simulation last week I used the NEXUS phrase "we need to slow down, as we are in a hurry". This resonated beautifully with the participants in acknowledging that during times of stress, in order for a team to truly perform to its maximum, it is vital to take a moment, slow down, ensure everyone is on the same page, gather opinions and info, and properly task delegate.

I have also found the use of blindfolding in simulation training a very powerful means of emphasising the need for "closed loop" communication, just how noisy and chaotic communication can become if everyone chats at the same time. It also empowers more junior, potentially shy doctors to understand the need to front up and approach the team leader with their vital bit of information, as opposed to hiding in the crowd."

Rory – Medical Education Unit, Fiona Stanley Hospital

"After completing all three NEXUS Levels in December 2018 I have implemented team pre-briefs every morning and it's been working so well!

We provide a dietitian service to eight wards. Before we started with pre-brief I found that the team was becoming flustered at times, with a very heavy workload. Although we all have a good working relationship, we were not communicating effectively or enough regarding our workloads and non-clinical duties. Since implementing the pre-brief, we catch up every morning for a 10min discussion on workload, non-clinical tasks and deadlines. Everyone now knows who is on shift that day, what the urgent tasks are that need attention, and we feel like we are more in control of the clinical workload, which in turn has improved the team's moral, and on busy days the work efficiency and communication is at its best.

Thanks for all these brilliant ideas NEXUS Team!"

Effie – Dietetics Department, Armadale Kalamunda Group

"I really enjoyed the course. I have made it a personal mission to learn the names of everyone in my area on every shift as we have a different combination every day and often have agency staff. This alone has created a palpable difference in communication and enthusiasm in our area. Also, at the start of the shift, we have a 'chat' to look at workflow, and see who is in the coordinators role today. Such simple changes, yet very effective. Very much looking forward to what Nexus has to bring in the future!

Rose – Radiology, Royal Perth Bentley Group

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in your innovative program – I have gained refreshing insights into new and previously visited topics and have appreciated being taught so many tips to help improve my work practices, and attitudinal and behavioural skill sets.

Even working as a non-clinician in revenue/finance, I am still able to able to apply the training to myself, own work environment and management job.

With sincere thanks and gratitude."

Susanne – Finance, East Metropolitan Health Service

"NEXUS has taught me specific tools and techniques that I have been able to implement straight away into my clinical practice and improve patient safety. Soon after finishing the course, I used the PACE Model (Probe, Alert, Challenge, Emergency), a method of graded assertiveness, to highlight a potential safety issue when discussing a possible inter-hospital transfer of an unwell patient with a specialty team. Luckily I didn’t have to utilise the “Challenge” statement section of the model, as the registrar acknowledged the concerns and safety risks I raised and changed the patient’s plan accordingly. Utilising the PACE model gave me the confidence to express my concerns for the patient, that I perhaps may not have had the confidence to do so without this newly learned method. I can definitely recommend this course to all clinical and non-clinical staff, the tools and techniques I have learned have been invaluable."

Timothy – Resident Medical Officer, East Metropolitan Health Service

"After completing my NEXUS training I found myself in a situation at work where I needed to apply the assertive statement framework, which I carry on my lanyard. Whilst getting some emergency drugs out for my anaesthetist, I kept being interrupted by the surgeon, who was asking me to get some dressings. I had the confidence and knowledge from NEXUS to use the framework and explain the importance of a ‘sterile cockpit’ during drug dispensing to minimise mistakes. It was also good because the surgeon had not realised the impact of their distractions.

I’m very grateful I was able to be involved in this course as it has helped me in providing the best care possible to my patients, while also keeping myself and my team-mates safe. I feel it has contributed to our Servio commitment to my patients, fellow colleagues and myself."

Sophie – Registered Nurse, Royal Perth Bentley Group

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