We treat more than 78,000 outpatients each year and run a number of outpatient clinics to provide ongoing care and treatment for patients. Outpatient clinics operate to provide healthcare to patients who require an examination or treatment, but who are not required to stay in hospital overnight.

Outpatients can download the outpatients clinics map (PDF 207KB) to find out where appointments are located.

Is a phone or video outpatient appointment suitable for you?

Telehealth video or phone appointments are beneficial for patients who are looking to save time, travel and costs. Use this checklist to see if a phone or video appointment is suitable for you.

Making an appointment

Outpatient appointments are made after referral from your General Practitioner (GP) or for further treatment after being discharged from hospital. Outpatient appointment information is then posted to patients.

Additional information is available for health professionals seeking more information about outpatient referrals at Bentley Hospital.

What to bring

When an outpatient appointment has been arranged, it is recommended that patients bring:

  • Medicare card or health care card
  • a list of current medications (including creams, eye drops and over the counter medications)
  • any relevant x-rays.

Patients are also advised that wait times for outpatient appointments can vary.

Questions to ask at your medical appointment

To help you make the right decisions about your health care, there are a number of useful questions (PDF 528KB) to ask at your medical appointment. These questions guide you on what to ask your doctor to ensure you get the care that is right for you.

Changing an appointment

If you are unable to attend your outpatient appointment, follow the directions outlined in your appointment letter or contact the relevant department below as soon as possible:

  • Aged Care and Rehabilitation (Gerontology) – 9416 3770
  • Aged Care Assessment Team – 9416 3713
  • Ambulatory Surgery Initiative (ASI) Endoscopy – 9416 3758
  • Antenatal/Gynaecology Clinic – 9416 3529
  • Bentley Mental Health – 9416 3800
  • Community Rehabilitation – 9416 3762
  • Continence and Physio Women’s Health – 9416 3790
  • Dietetics, Diabetes and Clinical Psychology – 9416 3770
  • Elective Surgical Bookings – 9416 3608
  • Occupational Therapy – 9416 3220
  • Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Clinic – 9416 3200
  • Podiatry – 9416 3790
  • Speech Pathology – 9416 3790
  • Surgical Preadmission Clinic – 9416 3824

All departments can be contacted during business hours. For all other enquiries please call Bentley Hospital on 9416 3666.