Social work

Social work services at Bentley Health Service (BHS) include welfare and social work assistance. These services are available to both inpatients and outpatients at the hospital. The department is committed to maximising the patients potential in an environment of human rights and dignity.

Our social workers are specialists in the consideration of social context and the consequences of illness during recovery. Our team are also knowledgeable on issues associated with interventions aimed at:

  • promoting recovery
  • restoring individual, family and community wellbeing
  • assisting people to regain control over their lives.


  • Counselling to patients, their families and significant others where appropriate
  • therapy
  • advocacy
  • liaison
  • referrals and information about community resources to assist the patient and their family.

Welfare services

  • advice and assistance with housing and accommodation issues
  • assistance and information about Centrelink entitlements and applications
  • community information
  • referral for legal information (workers compensation, guardianship and administration applications, motor vehicle injury claims, enduring power of attorney and making a will)
  • advice and information on aged care
  • referral for support services in the home.

Social workers work across the hospital and are part of the multidisciplinary teams in different treatment units. Social workers are a part of the following teams:

  • acute mental health
  • rehabilitation
  • mental health
  • aged care and rehabilitation
  • maternity and antenatal
  • stroke unit.

If you would like to see a social worker, request a referral from a member of staff. Referrals can also be requested from your General Practitioner (GP) to access social work services at BHS.

Contact us

Phone: 9416 3666

Operating hours

8:30am to 4pm (Monday to Friday)