Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG) works closely with a range of health professionals including General Practitioners, allied health practitioners, nurses and medical professionals to provide excellence in service delivery and care for patients.

Photo of Lesley Bennett Photo of Grant Waterer Photograph of Dr Sumit Sinha-Roy​​
Dr Lesley Bennett Prof. Grant Waterer​ Dr Sumit Sinha-Roy​
Executive Director​ Director of Clinical Services Deputy Director Clinical Services
Photo of Doris Lombardi​​ Photo of John Buchanan Photograph of Lucy Ellis
Doris Lombardi Assoc. Prof. John Buchanan Lucy Ellis
Director of Nursing​ Director of Allied Health​ Director Corporate Services
and Financial Reform​
Photo of Alistair Marr Photo of Annette Baker Photo of Sarah Ward
Alistair Marr Annette Baker Sarah Ward
Chief Business Manager Nursing and Site Director
Bentley Health Service
Director Clinical Operations
Photo of Christopher Etherton-Beer Photo of Linda Brearley​​ Photo of Alex Jaworska​​
Assoc. Prof. Christopher Etherton-Beer Linda Brearley Dr Alex Jaworska
Service 1 Co-Director
Medical Director
Service 1 Co-Director
Service Director​
Service 3 Co-Director
Medical Director​
Photograph of Wade Emmeluth Photograph of George Eskander Photograph of Neil Cowan
Wade Emmeluth Assoc. Prof. George Eskander Neil Cowan
Service 3 Co-Director
Medical Director
Service 4 Co-Director
Medical Director ​
Service 4 Co-Director
Service Director
Photo of Heather Kidd Photo of Anthony Lock
Heather Kidd Anthony Lock
Nursing Director
Director of Human Performance, RPBG